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When it comes to home inspection, trust no other company than Discovery Inspections, in Atlanta, GA. We have been in business for 20 years and have completed more than 9000 residential inspections. Hire our services today, and expect one of our experienced home inspectors to prepare your home inspection report with easy-to-read details.

Discovery Services Home Inspections
(400-point check list)

Here are some of the items we check with your Home Inspection:

External conditions and surfaces
Roof, attic, insulation, and ventilation
Plumbing and electrical systems
Heating and cooling systems
Foundations, slabs, and floors
Walls and ceilings
Garage, walls, and driveways


Our certified experts are available to assist you with radon testing to alert you if there are any issues that would be worth looking into. Homes, both old and new, can have issues with radon and the only fix is to have it professionally tested. We offer accurate testing and transparent results information.
Radon is an invisible, odorless radioactive gas that naturally occurs in soil.


Most of the time home inspections do not include a pool inspection. Some buyers assume the home inspection covers the pool, but it’s rare when it does. Even if they offer pool inspections, many home inspectors do not have the required expertise to evaluate a pool.
If you have put in an offer to buy a house with a pool, it is important that not only should you have a house inspection done by a professional, but also that you have a pool inspection done by a professional pool inspector.


We thoroughly undertake visual inspection to detect signs or conditions that may encourage mold growth. After that the Discovery Inspector performs an ‘Environmental sampling’ in which around two air samples are taken, one inside and one outside, for comparison. Depending on the inspection results and discoveries other tests may be recommended.

At Discovery, the samples are obtained using scientifically calibrated equipment and filters. The air samples are analyzed by an AIHA accredited microbiological lab. These Lab test results are included in the inspection’s personalized report to you the customer.

Discovery_Services_Asbestos and Lead paint Testing

Asbestos and lead paint were a commonly used building material in the United States throughout most of the 1900’s. In the 1970’s it was discovered that exposure to asbestos fibers and lead paint was linked to cancer, and production of new asbestos materials was banned in in 1978 (however, since the sale of existing asbestos materials was not banned, houses and buildings built much later may contain asbestos and lead paint).

Let Discovery Inspections be your trusted partner for your commercial or residential asbestos and lead paint project needs.


Left unchecked termites can and will destroy your wood structures and deteriorate your home or commercial property. To ensure your home is safe and free of wood destroying organisms let Discovery do a thorough inspection at least every 2 years.

Discovery_Services Pre-Construction Inspection

New construction inspections are performed at the completion of construction but prior to your final walk-through with the builder’s customer service representative or superintendent. It is always a good idea to verify that utilities (gas, water, and electric) have been turned on by either you or the builder depending on the builder’s policy. The home inspection should be scheduled just a day or two before your final walk through with the builder. This will ensure that most, if not all, last-minute items have been completed prior to your inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, a completed report will be distributed to you.

Discovery_Services Commercial Inspections

Discovery Inspections provides commercial property inspection (widely been regarded as Due Diligence Assessments) and consulting services to help companies, investors, developers and lenders in the decision making routine when buying, leasing, investing, selling, rehabbing, lending and of course managing property.

As an owner, you need to have a proper understanding of how well a property has been maintained, more so if they have leased the property to a business.On the other hand, potential leasers need to know the conditions and expected maintenance costs of those systems and building parts they are agreeing to maintain at the time of their lease period.

Discovery Services Sprinkler System Inspection

Ensuring the integrity of the system helps reduce insurance premiums. Fire Sprinkler systems-both new and old, need to be inspected to ensure that they are compliant with fire codes, insurance requirements and client needs. This ensures optimum response time and also ensures accurate operation of sprinkler heads and alarm systems.

Discovery_Services Sewer Scope Inspections

Your Discovery inspector is a NACHI certified plumbing inspector.

We make sure home’s water supply is in working order when it comes to examining a home. Further see that it is equipped with well water, find out if there are any lead pipes in the home. Lead regardless of its usability is an environmental toxin and if you have children, you may not want to live in a home that has lead pipes.

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