Gary and Kay Sloan, Owners & Certified Master Inspector

Gary and Kay Sloan are the owners of Discovery Inspections. They began the business in 1997. Their ambition was to create a property inspection company that offered a wide variety of services. More importantly, a service that could be counted on for providing valuable information so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions. Gary and Kay both know the significance of quality, service and professionalism. Every inspection is just as important as the last. They constantly remind themselves and the Discovery team of how every detail matters. As a company…good enough never is. They constantly look for ways to improve whether it is scheduling, the reports, the inspection protocol, or communication with the clients. Gary and Kay are committed to ensuring clients have a positive, interactive and educational experience…not just an inspection.

The company strives to provide technical information and advice so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions for their families or businesses. In addition to being a Certified Master Inspector, Gary has numerous credentials that establish him as a technical subject matter expert. He personally trains each Discovery inspector so they will deliver the best service possible.

Kay responsibly maintains the finances to ensure the company remains strong, compliant and audit ready.