Aaron Ferrell, Certified Inspector

Aaron Ferrell adds to our group of certified inspectors a high attention to detail. He spent years in the automotive industry as a certified vehicle inspector and appraiser. That same eye has aided him in evaluating home systems and components. He is a prior tradesman, who continues his craft through home renovation and woodworking.

A constant student to everything hands-on, Aaron has not only gone through InterNACHI training, but has taken courses from The American Home Inspectors Training Institute, Solairgen School of Solar Technology, and classes on log home renovation and maintenance in his spare time. Aaron’s certifications include:
Certified Professional Inspector (CPI), National American Home Inspection Professional (NAHP), Indoor Air Quality (IAC1), Home Energy Auditor (HEA) and he has NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification for Solar Technology.

He is a graduate of Presbyterian College with a B.S. In Business Management. He and his wife live in a small farm where they raise honeybees and grow many kinds of fruit. You will not only appreciate his thorough reports, but his ability to make all clients feel comfortable and appreciated.